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The Enugu State Ministry of Budget and Planning is the state government ministry, charged with the responsibility to plan, devise, draft and implement the state policies on Budget and planning with a view to improving the standard of living and quality of life of the citizenry. The ministry also handles “the preparation of the Enugu State annual budget as well as ensure that budget implementation is in accordance with the policy of the state government.

Our Core Services
budget management

The Budget is a tool for giving substance to a plan or strategy or an instrument used in accomplishing a set of goals stated in a policy document. Budgeting is an annual process, which enables a State Government to implement and achieve the goals stated in the policy document for a particular fiscal year.

This explains standard budget procedures to be followed by all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Enugu State in the preparation and implementation of annual budgets. It should be used in conjunction with the extant rules, regulations and laws guiding budgeting and financial management in the state.


fiscal planning

Fiscal planning ensures that the total amount of money Enugu State government spends is closely aligned to what is affordable over the medium term and with the annual budget spending being appropriately allocated to match policy priorities with spendings producing intended results at least cost.

Fiscal planning ensures the improvement of institutional arrangements and management practices for better resource allocation, use and financial management.

budget preparation

Ministry of Budget and Planning (MoBP) provides the mechanism to ensure appropriate and transparent allocation of public resources among competing priorities during budget preparation stage.

 The formal budget preparation process starts with issuance of annual budget call circular to all ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of government. The call circular shall include the following which have already been developed in the BPS and approved by the EXCO.

annual budget planning

MoBP provide guidance for the improvement in budget planning, particularly stating timelines for different budget activities, responsibilities, budget stakeholders and need for consultation and engagement and content of budget policy statement.

Enugu State budget planning and preparation processes will be regulated by a timeline. The first activity in the budget process is for the MoBP and the Enugu State Economic Planning Commission (ESECPC) to hold joint budget planning meetings to activate the budget process.

budget execution and control

MoBP ensures that actual expenditure reflects budget priorities as well as achieving sound budget expenditure accountability.

Budget execution is one of the crucial sub-processes in the budget cycle and consists of a series of activities that start as soon as the budget is passed into law. These activities would usually begin in January the first month of the fiscal year with request from the ESEPC calling for capital expenditure work plan from spending units (or MDAs).

This sub-process relies on the budget classification and chart of accounts used in allocating resource and recording transactions. Budget is executed by spending units classified as administrative entities such as organization (Ministries) and sub- organizations (service providers).

budget monitoring, evaluation  and reporting

The purpose of monitoring and evaluation in budget and project management is to address one or more of the following concerns:

  1. Effectiveness: is the budget or project achieving its objectives and targets?
  2. Efficiency: is the budget or project being implemented in an efficient manner that justifies continued funding?
  3. Relevance: are the projects in the budget still relevant to the needs of the State?
  4. Impact: to what degree have the beneficiaries of the project been affected positively or negatively, or has there been any change in behavior resulting from the project implemented?

our vision


An Enugu State where Budget is realistic and implementable.

our mission


To manage the State’s finance in an open, transparent, accountable and efficient manner by satisfactory, and timely provision of professional and qualitative service of annual budget preparation, implementation analysis, reporting as well as maximally use the annual budget as an economic management and vehicle of delivering on the Enugu State development policies.

core values



To be honest and eschew all forms of corrupt practices in all our dealings with our customers.



To ensure that our annual mandate is fulfilled in accordance with world best practices.



To be accessible and communicate clearly.

Annual Budget Call Circular

The formal budget preparation process starts with issuance of annual budget call circular to all ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of government. The call circular shall include the following which have already been developed in the BPS and approved by the EXCO

Preparation of Budget Proposals by Spending Units

The ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) on receipt of budget call circular are required to prepare detailed budget proposal for submission to the Ministry of Budget and Planning.

Integrating Annual Budget

The process of integrating the annual budget is primarily interactive in nature. The aggregate resource envelope is first determined. The personnel and operational cost estimates are computed and deducted from the aggregate spending limit and the balance is considered as the capital development fund. The total capital expenditure is estimated, which would consist of capital projects and programs.

Bilateral Discussion

he MoBP and ESEPC on receipt of budget proposals (capital and recurrent from, MDAs would carry out joint bilateral discussion/negotiation with MDAs on their proposals.

Consolidation of Draft Budget and Review by EXCO

MDA budget proposals would be consolidated by the MoBP, incorporating amendments and adjustments based on the bilateral discussions. The consolidated proposals will be presented to the EXCO for review.

Presentation of Draft Budget to House of Assembly

After review of the consolidated proposals, the Governor will present the draft budget to the SHA as an appropriation bill within the timeline.

Review and Approval by the House of Assembly

The State House of Assembly is responsible for officially enacting the budget or approving it at the formal legal level.

Assent by the Governor

The approved budget will be presented to the Governor for his assent. Assent involves the Governor appending his signature to the passed bill to make it a law.

Public Presentation and Analysis (Budget Breakdown)

Detailed analysis of the budget will be presented by the Commissioner, MoBP with key officers of the MoF, MoBP, ESEPC, Office of the Accountant General, Board of Internal Revenue and Office of the Economic Adviser to the Governor. The approved budget together with the budget policy statement will be published and circulated.

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