Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi upon the assumption of Office in 2015 inherited and sustained the laudable policies, programmes and good governance of past administrations through the instrumentality of the 2016 “Budget of Stability and Consolidation”, 2017 “Budget of Economic Recovery and Inclusive Development”, 2018 “Budget of Sustainable Economic Growth”, 2019 “Budget of Peace, Equity and Prosperity”, 2020 “Budget of Responsive and Accountable Governance”, 2021 “Budget of Recovery and Continued Growth” 2022 “Budget of Sustained Growth and Consolidation”, and “2023 Budget of Consolidation and Transition”. Despite dwindled resources occasioned by the 2015 and 2016 financial and economic meltdown and the COVID-19 induced economic recession, Governor Ugwuanyi effortlessly led Enugu State and delivered progressive policies and programmes.


Governor Ugwuanyi gave utmost attention to constructing new roads and rehabilitating numerous others in various state of disrepair in other to reduce travel times, enhance connectivity with rural communities and also boost economic activities in the rural communities. He aggressively pursued the construction and reconstruction of road projects as well as the completion of road projects commenced by his predecessors. These include but not limited to the followings:

• The 25km Amaetiti Achi – Umuagu Inyi – Awlaw – Abia State Road;

• The 37.7 Nkwo Nike – Ugwogo – Opi Junction Road;

• The 44km 9th Mile – Nachi – Ugwuoba Boarder Road;

• The 5.4km Ezi-Abalu – Agbudu – Afia-Manya road;

• Ikedimkpa-Affa – Amofia Agu – Oghu road;

• The 7.5km Amokwe Station – Umabi road;

• The 7km Amokwe Station – Umuaga road;

• 9.493km internal road network at Udi Native Authority

• The 5km Airport Round About – Orie Emene – St Patrick’s College-Eke Obinagu road;

• Holy Ghost Road, Ogbete Main Market, Enugu

• Nkwo Nike – Ugwogo – Opi Junction Road

• 9th Mile – Nachi – Ugwuoba Border Road

Enugu Township Urban roads;

• Rehabilitation of the Abakiliki Rd Dual Carriage Way

• Abakpa-Nike Road and Nike Lake Road in Enugu East Local Government Area,

• Dualised Opi – Nsukka Road in Nsukka Local Government Area,

• Amankwo – Amaeke – Amah Brewery Junction By-Pass Road in Udi Local Government Area,

• 9th Mile By-Pass Road,

• Ohom-Orba Junction – Imilike-Ani – EzimoUnu – EzimoAgu – Imilike-Agu – Ogbodu Aba – Obollo-Etiti – Amalla – Obollo-Afor Road (Udenu Ring Road) in Udenu Local government Area,

• Enugu Road (Nsukka) Junction – Umuezeobi – Nru Junction – University Gate in Nsukka Local government Area,

• Post Office Roundabout – Odenigbo Roundabout – Ogurugu Road – Ikenga Hotels Junction in Nsukka Local government area,

• Obechara Road Junction – Umuakashi – Mechanic Village – Ikenga Hotels Junction Road in Nsukka Local Government Area,

• Obechara Road Junction – Umuakashi – Mechanic Village – Ikenga Hotels Junction Road, Nsukka;

• Reactivated NCFC and commenced aggressive maintenance of roads in Enugu Urban to enhance the easy flow of traffic.

As part of the inclusive governance and bottom-up approach project selection, execution and monitoring, on the 15th of October, 2016, Gov. Ugwuanyi led government flagged off 35 new projects across the 17 Local Government Areas as selected by communities in collaboration with the Local Government Chairmen according to their priority needs.  

  These projects are as follows:

• Ugbawka – Nara – Nkerefi Road, (Phase 1)

• Amaechi Idodo – Amuzam – Amagunze Road, (Phase 1)

• Enugu Akwu Achi – Nkwo Inyi Market Road, (Phase 1)

• 600 metres Onu Nwaneabo – Ndiuno Akpuoga Nike Access Road

• 600 metres Ibagwa Nike – Amaokpo Boundary Road

• Iheaka – Ibagwa – Alo Agu Road

• Uhuogiri – Nenwe/Oduma Road (Phase 1)

• Amaeguelu – Amumkpa – Ogbombara/Etitiama – Onuihialla Road (Phase 1)

• Ukehe – Aku–Nkpologu Road (Phase 1)

• Amokwe Road starting from Udi Station, through Ibuzo Amokwe to Amokwe Station Road, (Phase 1)

• 9th Mile – Ajali – Imezi Owa Local Government Headquarters – Aguobu Owa – Awka North, Anambra State Road, (Phase 1)

• Installed Bailey Bridge across Nyama River linking Umuogo Amechi and Ugwuagba Amechi and Ugwuagba Amechi Uno/Obeagu Communities, (Phase 1)

• Ndemde Bridge and surfacing of the Road linking Maryland, New Era and Achara Layout

• Poly Clinic – Ilukwe – Church Road, Faulk Road, Asata, (Phase 1)

• Omuoha – Obuoffia Bridge

• Ogonogoeji – Ndiagu Akpugo Road, (Phase 1)

• Ugbene Ajima – Ezeani – Army Barrack, Nsukka Road, (Phase 1)

• Ngene – Oyibo – Agunese – Mmaku Road, (Phase 1)

• Ogbaku – Ogugu – Owelli – Ihe Road, (Phase 1)

• Umualor – Eha Amufu Road, (Phase 1)

• Okpu – Orba Junction – Ohebe Agu – Orba Primary School Road, (Phase 1)

• Ohom Orba – Nkpo – Orba Market Road, (Phase 1)

• Agu Orba Iyiocha Bridge

• Dan Ukey Road, (Phase 1)

• Amachalla Onovo – Nzerem Road, (Phase 1)

• 2km AmaekeNgwo-Nsude 9th Mile By pass

• 2.9km Obechara Road Junction, Umuakasi-Mechanic Village Ikenga Nsukka

• 5km Airport Roundabout-Orie Emene-St Patrick-Eke Obinagu Road

• 1.5km Nkpokiti Estate Road

• Quadruple 2 twin box culvert across Inyaba River in Nkanu East Local Government Area

• Ibuzor Street Independence Layout Enugu

• Orie-Emene – Adoration Ground Road (4.1km) which is at 90% completion.

• 0.8 km Colliery/Leck Avenues

• 6km New Market Roundabout – Agu-Abor Interchange, Enugu – Onitsha Expressway

• Trans-Ekulu Flyover Slip roads

• 5.4km failed sections of 9th Mile-Udi-Oji River-Ugwuoba-Anambra State Border Road

• Water and Flood control at Ebeano Tunnel, Enugu.

Similarly, Gov. Ugwuanyi led government also undertook the rehabilitation of the following Federal roads in the State:

a. Opi-Obollo-Afor Road (18.5km Stretch plus additional works at Amalla)

b. 9th Mile Internal Roads (1.2km stretch from Ekochin Junction to Mechanic Village Junction)

c.  Egede Junction

d.  Amoka-Okpatu, Army Checkpoint

e. Holy Child Catholic Church Rd, Ochima towards Ogbede Junction

f. Opi Junction

Other road projects include:

• Constructed/Installed Bailey Bridge across Nyama River linking Umuogo-Amechi and Ugwuagba-Amechi Uno/Obeagu Communities, (Phase 1)

• Ndemde Bridge and surfacing of the Road linking Maryland, New Era and Achara Layout

• Paully Clinic-Ilukwe-Church Road, Faulk Road, Asata, (Phase 1)

• Omuoha-Obuoffia Bridge

• 1km Ugbene-Ajima-Ezeani-Army Barrack, Nsukka Road, (Phase1)

• 0.5km Ngene-Oyibo-Agunese-Mmaku Road, (Phase 1)

• 1km Ogbaku-Ogugu-Owelli-Ihe Road, (Phase 1)

• 1km Umualor-Eha Amufu Road, (Phase 1)

• 0.5km Okpu-Orba Junction –Ohebe-Agu-Orba Primary School Road, (Phase 1)

• 0.4km Ohom-Orba-Nkpo-Orba Market Road, (Phase 1)

• Agu-Orba-Iyiocha Bridge

• 0.4km Dan Ukey Road, (Phase 1)

• 0.5km Amachalla-Onovo-Nzerem Road, (Phase 1)

• Rehabilitated Okpara Square, Independence Layout, Enugu

• Isi – Uzo Street, Independence Layout, Enugu

• 2.2km Agbani – Afor-Amurri Road

• Extension of Ituku Road in Awgu Local Government Area.

• Rehabilitation of 2Nos double box culverts and the failed portions of road pavement at Awgu Main Town.

• Ugbo-Odogwu/Sani Abacha Street, Phase 6, Trans Ekulu, Enugu East LGA.

• Reconstruction/rehabilitation of failed sections of Oguejiofor Street (Dental School of Technology), Trans Ekulu in Enugu East LGA.

• Ezike Street/Mgbowo Street – Nike Lake Road Extension, Enugu East LGA.

• Amaetiti Street, Ugboye, Abakpa Nike.

• Edward Nnaji Street – Ogwuagor Road in Enugu East.

• Ugwuaku – Internal Roads in Abakpa.

• Enugu – Abakaliki (Eke Obinagu Junction) – Onunweneabo, Akpuoga Nike Road,

• Achi-Akpa-Daughters of Divine Love (DDL) Juniorate Main Entrance, Abakpa Nike,

• Njemanze Entrance/Ogui Road

• Bonny Lane – Ogui Road

• Access road to 103 Battalion, Nigerian Army, Garki,

• Ralph Anakwe Lane/Ogui Road (Oloko Gate)

• Asata Chemist Lane – Ogui Road (Asata Chemist Bus Stop)

• Mount Street, GRA

• Ugwuaji Road Junction –Nwobodo Nnam

• Access Road to Ogbete Main Market, Enugu

• New Market Roundabout – Civil Defence Headquarters/Works Road

• Ngenevu and Brodrick Roads

• New Market – Milken Hill – Ngwo – 9th Mile Corner Road, Enugu

• New Market – Camp 1 and Extension to St. Patrick’s Parish, Iva Valley Pottery – Camp 2.

• Chief Ede Nnamani Street – St. Michael’s Church Road

• Ezikwo Street/Nwafor Orizu Street, Independence Layout,

• Access Road to the proposed Customary Court of Appeal Headquarters

• Abagana/Orofia Streets in Independence Layout, Enugu.

• Colliery Avenue Road (One-Stop Investment Shop) to Nigerian Railway Corporation Headquarters

• Ezenwani Akpaka and Isiukwuato street/Ogui Road, Asata, Enugu,

• Ebeano Estate Road and John Nwodo Close, Enugu

• Ukehe – Onitsha – Ugwuoba Streets, Independence Layout, Enugu North

• Owelle Street – Timber Shed/Kenyatta – Ugwuaji Road – Loma Linda/Umunano Street Junction, Enugu South LGA, Enugu State

• Extension of Loma Linda – Maryland – Ugwuaji – Enugu – Port Harcourt Expressway,

• Umunnaji – Onukwe Streets, Maryland, Enugu.

• Mission Junction-Owolloti-Ugwuike-Ogoma Ring Road (Phase I) in Ezeagu LGA.

• Ogrute – Mkpamute – Igogoro – Ikpamodo – Okpo – Amaja Road (Phase 1), Igbo Eze North LGA.

• Ogrute –UmuogboUlo – Isiugwu – Umuokpu – Ette Road, Igbo Eze North LGA, Enugu State.

• Ebonyi Bridge and asphalting on both approaches of Ugwogo – Neke – Ikem Road.

• Amaechi Idodo – Amuzam, Amagunze Road in Nkanu East Local Government Area

• Agbani – Afor Amurri Road in Nkanu West

• Ogonogoeji Ndiagu Akpugo Road (Atavu Bailey Bridge –Afor Onovo)

• Extension of the construction of Agbani – Amuri Road

• Amokwe Road Udi Station – Ibuzo Amokwe – Amokwe Station Road Phase II, Udi LGA

• Obollo Eke Junction – Agala – Okpaligbo Junction, Udenu LGA

• Ohom-Orba – Amajioka – Umuikeoha – Agu-Orba and Okpu-Agu Orba Road in Udenu LGA.

• Rehabilitation of Ebony Paint Road, Awkunanaw, Enugu

• Rehabilitation of Police Mobile Force No 3 Squadron, Awkunanaw, Enugu

• Rehabilitation of Owerre Ezukala Close, Independence Layout, Enugu

• 270.059KM of rural earth roads under RAMP Phase 2 which was constructed while concrete asphalting of 49km of selected RAMP Phase 1 roads was completed. This made Enugu State the only state out of the 4 RAMP participating States in the Federation that has asphalted any or part of their RAMP roads.

• 13km Nike Lake Junction – Harmony Estate – Amorji Nike – Adoration Pilgrimage Centre Road with side drains and 5 River Crossings including culverts and bridges, linking the ever-busy and thickly populated Abakpa Nike with Emene satellite town. Conceived as the first bypass to ease the traffic flow in Enugu East Senatorial District including the interstate vehicular movements. The bypass has already opened up development at the Harmony Estate and provided access to the Akanu Ibiam International Airport while stimulating the local economy.

• Completed the construction of the 14-Bay Bailey Bridge (a project implemented by 82 Division of the Nigerian Army Engineers) across Nyama River linking Umuogo and Umuagba Amechi Uno/Obeagu communities in Enugu South Local Government Area.

• Amaeze Street/Fide Okoro Road – New Anglican Road.

• Onuiyi Link Road, Failed Culvert and Erosion Control Works at Onuiyi Road.

• Justina Eze Street – Attama Nwamba Road.

• Obechara Junction – Bishop Shanahan – (Enugu Road).

• Onuiyi Junction – Amobi Street – MCC Road Junction.

• Onuiyi Beach – Umeano – Ibagwa Road.

• Echara Road – Obechara Junction.

• Extension of St. Mary’s Ezi Ukehe – Afia Four – Umurusi – Major General Ezugwu House.

• Enugu Eke – Ogui Uno – Oma Eke (Phase II).

• Agbalaenyi Junction – Enugu – Onitsha Expressway Link Road.

• Aji – Umuogbo Agu Road.

• Amutenyi Obollo Afor – Umuenachi Amalla.

• Orie Market – Nkwo Ida – Umuaji – Afor Inyere road.

• 1st Enugu State Government’s Flyover which is progressively taking its pride of place at the T-Junction, Nike Lake Road.   It is a 105 meters bridge section, with ramps measuring 590m in cumulative length and four (4) Service lanes which on completion enhanced traffic flow around Trans-Ekulu, Nike and Nike Lake Resort axis.

• Prof. Ofili Ugwudioha Street, Independence Layout.

• Ugbaike, Enugu Ezike – Obollo Afor link road with smart solar streetlight.

• Eke Amala – Otukpo Old Road; Amadi – Agbougwu – Amajioke road; Umuokere – Igugu Road, Phase 1, Udenu LGA.

• Eke Like – Iheaka Junction – Amagu Uwani – Ekoi Iheaka -Ihunuowerre – Iheakpu awka road in Igbo-eze South Local Government Area.

• 5km University of Nigeria Nsukka (New Gate) by Nru Junction – 9th Mile-Makurdi expressway.

• Reconstruction of Agbani Road (from Police Detective College – Garki Flyover by Enugu Port Harcourt Expressway.

• 2.35KM access road to Legacy Estate.

• Road network in the Crystal Court estate beside NTA premises, Independence Layout.

• Access road and internal road network in the House of Assembly Layout behind ENHA, Independence Layout.

• IMT Boulevard, Phases I & II.

• Asphaltic concrete road and drainage system on the road leading to Udenu LGA.

• Ibagwa Junction – Ibagwa – Igbo-eze South Local Government Headquarters roundabout.

• Justice Nwazota Crescent – Ilogu Close, with a spur to Works Layout GRA.

• Spot improvements of urban roads within the Enugu Metropolis.

• Emergency erosion control and protective works at Atavu Stream, Amaechi – Amodu – Umueze Road, Nkanu West LGA; Neke/Mbu – Ogbodu Abba/Obollo Road at Chainage 3+210 in Isiuzo LGA; Asata River, Lagos Street, Enugu North LGA; Agu Orba and Imiliki Etiti in Udenu LGA; Ogui River at Works Road, GRA; University Road, Nsukka; Works Road at Works Layout, GRA amongst others.

• Mission Junction – Owolloti – Ogoma Ring Road (Phase II), Iwollo Oghe, Ezeagu LGA amongst others.

• Swamp reclamation at Works Road layout, GRA, Enugu.

Other Infrastructure

• Construction and furnishing of Customary Court of Appeal, Enugu Building, Judges Chambers, the Court Halls, Office of the Chief Registrar, Deputy Chief Registrar and the purchase of law books and periodicals for the Customary Court of Appeal Library;

• Constructed 34 Customary Courts (2 per LGA)

• Rehabilitation of damaged section of Abuja Building, Government House, Enugu;

• Renovation, relocation and furnishing of Enugu State archives at old secretariat;

•Construction of 10Nos Executive Guest Chalets, Old Government Lodge, GRA, Enugu;

• Internal Access Roads, Water Boreholes and Solar Powered Lighting at the Awgu General Hospital and School of Midwifery.

• 600-Seater Event Hall; Lawn Tennis Court; Security Personnel Quarters; and Remodeling of 2 No existing Duplexes; expansive Car Park and landscaping at the old Governor’s Lodge, GRA, Enugu.

• Nsukka Conference Centre in Nsukka LGA which provides 5 no. Halls of various seating capacities ranging from 200 to 1,000; a Swimming Pool; Lawn Tennis Court amongst other recreational facilities.

• 194 One Hundred and Ninety-Four (194) Units of Ultra-Modern Bus Shelters in Enugu Metropolis.

• Procured transformers, constructed, extended and boosted rural electrification in Communities including Owerre Okpu, Amadim, Ujobo, Umunta/Umunkpume and Anyazuru Orba, Umuokpara Orba, Amalla Orba communities in Udenu LGA as well as in Umuopu Autonomous Community, Enugu Ezike, Igbo-Eze North LGA, amongst others.

• Reconstructed and rehabilitated the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Building, Press Center, Enugu.

• Constructed Nsukka Press Centre at Nsukka Local Government Area.

• Constructed and equipped Enugu State Fire Service Headquarters as the 1st Headquarters for the Service at Ogui Road Fire Station by Otigba Junction, 5 Fire Stations (9th Mile, Ogurute, Orba, Oji River and Ozalla), and procured 5 Rapid Response Vehicles as well as fire fighting engines to enhance the fire response capacity of the Service.

• Renovated buildings (blocks A and B) at the Enugu State Marketing Company Limited.

• Constructed/reconstructed INEC Office Buildings at Awgu, Udenu, and Independence Layout.

• Provided 140 pieces of Waste Bins to replace old ones scattered across the Metropolis to enhance the cleanliness of Enugu City.

• Provided transformers for Awha Ndiagu Community in Ezeagu LGA; Igga Community in Uzo Uwani LGA; Odume Sub-station, Agbudu Udi LGA; Agamede Isienu, Amutenyi Obollo; St. Patrick’s Parish, Orhom Orba, Udenu LGA; Abakpa Cantonment Water Works; Mary Agro Farms Udi, Udi LGA; Abakpa Military Cantonment Waterworks, amongst others, to ensure and enhance power supply to the communities and facilities.

•  Construction of 2 (nos.) High Court of Justices at Nike, Enugu East LGA and Orba, Udenu LGA.

• The construction of Two (nos.) Exhibit Storage Facility one at the Magistrate Court premises and the other at the High Court of Justice Premises, Enugu have reached an advance stage of completion.

• A Judiciary Health Clinic to carter for the health care needs of our valued Judges and other staff located within the High Court premises Independence Layout and manned by Doctors and Nurses of the State Health Management Board has been commissioned and is fully operational.

• Provided various sums of financial support to the following respected institutions: The Nigerian Bar Association, Enugu State branch for the completion of the roofing of the New Bar Centre, Enugu.

• Enhancement of facilities at the Justice Chima Nweze Moot Court, Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus; Students Auditorium and Lecturer’s Quarter’s at Augustine Nnamani Campus of the Nigeria Law School, Agbani, to improve teaching and learning of the Law profession.


It is often said that education is the passport to the future; the kindling of a flame; and change the end result of it. Governor Ugwuanyi from outset made education in various levels a chief priority to ensure that the students are kindled and equally given a sure passport to the future.

His administration in a bid to improve the quality of learning environment in public schools; set up an administrative committee which was headed by the Deputy Governor, Hon. (Mrs) Cecilia Ezeilo to look into the issue of ENSUBEB projects in all primary schools and related matters. In 2015, Enugu State government undertook the renovation and re-equipment of secondary and primary schools across the state to ensure that our children enjoy a conducive environment for learning. Cumulatively Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration constructed and reconstructed about 1,138 classroom blocks, 11 water boreholes and 188 toilets alongside the provision of 76,705 sets of plastic locker/ chair, 5,660 sets of Early Childhood Care Development and Education tables/chairs, 2,935 sets of Teachers tables/seats, 4,067 sets of Marker Boards, 54,545 books and instructional materials as well as sporting kits and equipment between 2015 and 2022 for basic education. This administration also fully keyed into the Home School Meal programme initiative of the Federal Government. About 2,000 food vendors were carefully selected, formed into cooperatives for smooth execution of the project.

At the tertiary education level, the government supported the provision of laboratory equipment, office blocks, hostel facilities, classroom blocks, boreholes, toilet facilities for the State-owned tertiary institutions. Governor Ugwuanyi also made frantic efforts towards the provision and improvement of necessary infrastructure in the state tertiary institutions and intervened to rescue the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) from the crumbling weight of salary arrears and resultant low staff morale.  He also upgraded the IMT to a degree-awarding institution, putting in place the necessary machineries to realise the objective. With support from Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETF), the State was able to embark upon the renovation and re-roofing of Administrative Block/Mass Communication Building of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT). In addition to this, the State Government invested about N100 million in the procurement of accreditation materials for the department. A decisive step was taken towards repositioning and revamping the Enugu State Polytechnic, Iwollo through the push for the revalidation of old programmes and the accreditation of five new courses by the National Board for Technical Education (NABTEB) while the sum of N200 million was spent on the development of the Permanent site of Enugu State College of Education (Technical), (ESCET) Ihe-Awgu. This administration also released various sums of capital grants for infrastructural development at the Polytechnic and for the procurement of engineering equipment for the Polytechnic. Disturbed by the fact that the Enugu State College of Education (Technical) has not been able to award certificates to its graduands for 9 years due to non- accreditation of its courses, Gov. Ugwuanyi led- government ensured that the State Executive Council revalidated the approval of a substantial sum of money to enable the institution scale its accreditation hurdles and be in a position to issue certificates. The above efforts enabled the Enugu State College of Education Technical (ESCET) and Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu to gain full accreditation in some of their programmes after about 9 and 11 years of denials respectively.

Also, his administration paid salaries and other entitlements to the over 153 disengaged staff of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu. The State also released staggering sums of money to the Enugu State University of Science and Technology in order to upgrade educational facilities in the institution. Gov. Ugwuanyi’s Administration supported the foremost University (Enugu State University of Science & Technology) that faced accreditation exercises to gain full accreditation in eleven (11) undergraduate academic programme including Medical Laboratory Science, Surveying & Geoinformatics, Economics and three (3) Postgraduate (M.Sc.) Programmes including Accountancy, Insurance & Risk Management and Public Administration.

Governor Ugwuanyi invested in computerisation and establishment of ICT laboratories/equipment and accessories in 111 public secondary schools in the State while Seventy (70) classroom blocks were also renovated in Senior Secondary Schools across the state. Science equipment, laboratory chemicals/reagents were supplied to over 150 Senior Secondary Schools while 15KVA Generators were supplied to Science, Technical and Vocational Schools to improve Vocational and Technical education in the State. Massive construction and reconstruction of classroom blocks, offices and hostels in Secondary Schools in the State including reconstruction of 122 Classroom Blocks across the six Education Zones and construction of 1,400-bed capacity Hostel at Girls’ Secondary School, Owereze-Orba in Udenu Local Government Area. Four (4) Solar powered boreholes were also constructed in some of our Secondary Schools in the State. Additional infrastructure was provided for the take-off of the Command Secondary School, Orba and these include the following: Five (5) units of 2-Bedroom staff quarters. Main Hall with ICT Centre Basic Technology Hall, an Administrative Block, and Modern Sports Complex. The state procured various workshop equipment for our Science, Technical and vocational colleges, renovated two (2) Science, Technical and Vocational multi-purpose Workshops and constructed perimeter fence in three (3) Science, Technical and Vocational Colleges in the State. Donated funds for the renovation and equipping of the science laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and agriculture of St. Cyprain’s Special Science School, Nsukka through the Old Girls Association.

701 (Seven Hundred and One) deserving indigenes of Enugu State, majorly at the tertiary education level were awarded scholarships in 2020. Out of this number, 23 (Twenty-Three) students are currently undergoing tertiary education at University of Mewar, India and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

The Federal Government of Nigeria approved the establishment of a new Federal Polytechnic in Ohodo, Igbo Etiti LGA with a take-off grant of Two Billion Naira (N2,000,000,000.00) for the new polytechnic, from the Tertiary Education Trust Fund. Notwithstanding the approval of this take-off grant of Two Billion Naira (N2,000,000,000.00), Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration provided a temporary site for the take-off of the Polytechnic after undertaking the following works: Reconstruction of 6 classroom block (block 1)Construction of 6 classroom block (block 2) Reconstruction of 5 classroom block (block 3) Reconstruction of science laboratory (block 4) Construction of administrative office block (block 5) Construction of perimeter fence and security house Construction of one (1) electric-powered Borehole and one (1) solar-powered borehole amongst other facilities. This administration commenced the construction of a three (3) Storey Students Hostel Building at Enugu State College of Education (Technical), Enugu North LGA, Enugu State. Continued to provide the required support to all our Tertiary Institutions.

Supported the upgrade of the Moot Court, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

Enugu State Scholarship Scheme Under the leadership of Gov. Ugwuanyi: Financial burden on parents/guardians was lessened and the less privileged given opportunities to go to school through the State’s Scholarship schemes under Governor Ugwuanyi administration. To this end, the following scholarship programmes are currently active for Enugu State indigenes and fully funded by the State Government:

• Three Hundred and Forty (340) Engineering Students of Enugu State Polytechnic, Iwollo.

• Three Hundred and Forty (340) Engineering Students of Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Enugu.

• Seven (7) students of Coal City University, Enugu that scored 250 and above in 2020 JAMB.

• Twenty-five (25) Postgraduate students on International Studies in USA, UK, and France.

• Twenty-two (22) undergraduate students of University of Mewar, India.

• Four Hundred and Fifty-Eight (458) JSS 1 students (2019/2020 academic session) in Orba and Mpu Command Secondary Schools.

• 238 (Two Hundred and Thirty-Eight) students in Tertiary Institutions and Secondary schools across the Country.

• Thirty-Eight (38) students of Inland Primary School, Imilike Enu, Udenu LGA are on scholarship up to secondary school level.

• Miss Chinwe Onoduagu, student of Federal Government Girls’ College, Lejja, Nsukka LGA who won the 2021 National Mathematics Queen is on scholarship up to university level

• Ali Cynthia, best performing student in 2016/2017 WAEC is on scholarship at the university level.

• Chioma Lilian Chinwero of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, (ESUT) who won Maltina Teacher of the Year 2020 Award, is on scholarship for Master’s degree.

• Miss Nneoma Nnadi of Idaw River Primary School, the girl child who was being dehumanized by her guardian and which video / story went viral on the social media, is on scholarship up to university level.

• Emmanuel Maduabuchi Chukwu and Chukwuebuka Udoye of Government Technical College (GTC), Enugu, Enugu & Anambra born young inventors of two aircraft (Helicopter and Jet Fighter) and MP3 radio set are on scholarship up to university level.

• Successfully funded tuition fees for 200 students in different higher institutions of learning and 42 students at various secondary schools within the country.

• Provided bursary for 165 Enugu State students at the Nigerian Law Schools to cushion the effect of high cost of living on such students.

• Secured fully funded postgraduate scholarships for Forty (40) Enugu State students to study in various parts of Europe, America, Australia and Asia through the Mentorship Masterclass of Enugu State Scholarship Scheme and Loans Board valued at over Three Billion Naira (N3,000,000,000.00). Provided One Million Naira each to the 40 students as international travel allowances to enable them depart Nigeria to their various schools overseas.

In 2022, the administration of Gov. Ugwuanyi further demonstrated commitment towards quality education as the National University Commission (NUC) in June 2022 recognised the State University of Medical and Applied Sciences (SUMAS), Igbo-Eno, Enugu State as the 60th State-owned University, and the 219th University in the Nigerian University System with effect from Thursday, April, 21 2022. Twenty-three (23) academic programmes presented during the Resource Accreditation visit by NUC were approved. The accredited academic programmes include: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB., BS) under Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry; Seven (7) Academic programmes under Faculty of Basic Medical and allied Health Sciences; Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) under Faculty of Pharmacy; Six (6) Academic programmes under Faculty of Engineering; Two (2) Academic programmes under Faculty of Built Engineering; and Six (6) Academic programmes under the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences. Commenced SUMAS admission exercise for the 2022/2023 academic year. Processing of over 5,000 applications for the recruitment of staff to fill both academic and non-academic vacancies is ongoing. Enlisted SUMAS into the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) for the purpose of benefitting from their interventions. Re-designated the Specialist Hospital, Igbo-Eno as SUMAS Medical Centre. Completed six (6) Faculty complexes with classrooms and office spaces; Furnished Six (6) classrooms (each with 100 sitting capacity) and one lecture theatre (500 sitting capacity) in the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences with desks, projectors and white boards. Equipped Ten (10) Laboratories. Procured a physical library with 300 sitting capacity, fully furnished with reading tables and chairs with books for various programmes. Built and equipped the digital library with reading tables, chairs and 100 computers, and downloaded digital books and journals for use. Completed two (2) hostel buildings each with 120 bed spaces. Built a temporary administrative block housing the four (4) Principal Officers of the University Completed Ten (10) Industrial water boreholes with overhead tanks and water reticulation. Provided External electrification engineering services. Today, the School has taking off with the unveiling that happened on 16th February, 2023.

Six (6) programmes including Nursing; Midwifery; Physiotherapy; Community Medicine; Family Medicine; and Paediatrics have been accredited in Enugu State University of Science and Technology Teaching Hospital, Parklane.

Established a School of Entrepreneurship in Iwollo Polytechnic.


The wealth of a state is characterised by the health of her people. Since his assumption of office on May 29, 2015 as Governor of Enugu state; Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has shown undaunted commitment towards building a vibrant health sector. He has clearly achieved remarkable landmarks, stunning mileages and set unparalleled records in the annals of governance of states in Nigeria.

Sustained a well-acclaimed Free Maternal Health and Child Care programme while ensuring the proper equipment and staffing of existing health institutions including the six (6) district hospitals in Agbani, Awgu, Enugu Ezike, Isi-Uzo, Nsukka, Udi and Enugu North LGAs which were upgraded to Specialist Hospitals.

His administration also undertook the rehabilitation of clinics, wards, offices and catering units as well as the construction of security post at Emene Psychiatric Hospital, procured and delivered modern laboratory electrolytes and full blood counting machines, birth beds, cervical traction and lunar traction machines, microtome blades, ophthalmic instruments, sterilizing machine, operation microscope, to various departments of ESUT Teaching Hospital to facilitate the re-accreditation of those departments. His administration also provided one Electro-Convulsive Therapy machine (ECT) for the Psychiatric Hospital at Emene.

In addition, seven Health Centres in each of the Senatorial Zones of the State were equally renovated in 2015 under the Millennium Development Goals.

The Governor made efforts to ensure good health for citizens as stated in his 4-Point Agenda, he sustained the Free Maternal and Child Healthcare Programme in the State, undertook the procurement of computers, gubabi fire-proof safe, etc. to ensure the accreditation of the School of Midwifery in the ESUT Teaching Hospital. Similarly, a two-storey building was completed for the School of Nursing, to meet the accreditation requirements. Additionally, his administration embarked on the establishment of a 5-bed Dialysis Unit, procurement or equipment for the Endoscopy Unit, ICU, hussor birthbeds, cervical traction, lunar traction machines, microtome blades, ophthalmic instruments, patient trolley, auto-analyser, operating microscope, anaesthetic monitor, sterilising machine, examination couches, haemoglobin machine for clinics/wards, laboratory, theatre, Neurology Unit, ICU at the ESUT Teaching Hospital, Parklane, Enugu. Governor Ugwuanyi provided the best learning environment for health students, completed the building, tiling, installation of burglary proofs and uplifting of male and female wards, offices, catering unit. He also undertook the provision of an electricity-generating set and cooking utensils for the Kitchen Department, procured and installed sophisticated equipment like Radiology MRI, Mammography machines, Procurement of a Comet Electro-Encephalogram Machine (EEG) for the Paediatric Ward of the hospital; Procurement of AGFA X-ray Digitizer/Digitizer printer for the Radiology Department; Procurement of an Automated Perimeter, Motorised Instrument Tray for the Paediatric Ward; Provision of Sechrist Infant Ventilator with CPAP mode for the Paediatric Ward; Procurement of four Baby Incubators for the newly-born; Provision of one Cardiac Patient Monitor for the ICU Ward; Provision of one Infusion Pump for the Theatre; Provision of one LED Phototherapy machine for the Paediatric ward; Provision of one Baby Transport Incubator for the Paediatric Ward; Provision of one Baby Resuscitate Machine for the newly-born Ward. Similarly, his administration renovated and expanded the Main Theatre Building at ESUT Teaching Hospital, Parklane while money was committed to epidemiology, surveillance and control of diseases like cholera, measles, polio, rota virus, etc. The Accident & Emergency building in ESUT Teaching Hospital, Parklane, has been upgraded to a 2-storey building, furnished and put to use. Equipment such as Laparoscopic machine, Cardiotocography & Ultrasound (CTG & USS) machines, Feto-maternal patient monitor, amongst others, have been procured to enhance the capacity of the hospital in diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and antenatal care.

Having placed a high premium on meeting the health needs of the citizens of the state, Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration placed the Enugu State University College Teaching Hospital, Park Lane, Enugu, on a sound pedestal to provide quality healthcare services to people, completed and equipped the Enugu State Diagnostic Centre, secured the re-accreditation of courses for the School of Health Technology, Nsukka, and the School of Midwifery, Awgu.

Moreso, with the support of UNICEF, 3 Primary Health Centres at Obollo-Afor, Owerre Ezeorba and Obollo-Eke, were fully renovated and provided motorised water boreholes in the 3 Health Centres.

Extensive work was done in the construction and/or reconstruction of the 7 District Hospitals in the States, including but not limited to the renovation and upgrading of Paully Clinics, Asata Enugu, Udi District Hospital, Nsukka General Hospital, construction of a bungalow at Uwani Health Centre, renovation and painting of Nenwe Health Centre and commencement of construction work at Specialist Hospital Adada, Uzo Uwani Local Government.

Facilitated the accreditation programme at the ESUT College of Medicine, Park Lane Hospital, Enugu through the renovation/reconstruction and the purchase of laboratory and workshop equipment.

Governor Ugwuanyi known for his doggedness in the protection of lives and property and the maintenance of the dignity of the citizens immensely assisted in the evacuation, rehabilitation and reintegration of returnees from Libya so that they could kick-start their lives and fend for themselves and their families. In his regime, the review of Enugu State Emergency Response Plan (2018 – 2020) was carried out and Incident Response Vehicle were procured to ease the evacuation and rescue of persons affected by different incidents of emergency and distribution of relief materials to the affected families.

Work was completed on the upgrading of Enugu State Friendship and Emergency Call Centre the centre is operational and invariably boosted the ease at which the citizens of the State can access emergency services from the government.

In 2019, the New National Health Act provided for the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF).  This Fund which is 1% of the Federal Consolidated Revenue Fund as well as contributions from donor grants dedicated to healthcare provisioning. The Federal Government rolled out the Basic Health Care Provision Fund in 2018 following National Assembly appropriation for it. The fund is for reviving the health sector with particular focus on primary healthcare. Thus, the Enugu State Government led by Governor Ugwuanyi made the required counterpart fund contribution, set up the governance structures and has continued to fund the operations. It was during his administration that Enugu State government constituted State Universal Health Coverage Agency as enshrined in the new Enugu State Health Law to implement the State Social Health Insurance scheme that will guarantee access to services that will be provided under the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) mentioned above. The Governance structures were in place, a take-off grant was approved, guidelines and benefits packages were also developed. He transposed the State Health Systems to provide primary healthcare through the Enugu State Agency for Universal Health Coverage which targeted the enrolment of all Enugu state residents and provision of free healthcare to vulnerable persons in the State. In this regard, state-of-the-art ICT systems for enrolment of beneficiaries and computerisation of service delivery in the State hospitals was provided. One Hundred and Fifteen (115) State Primary Healthcare Centres (PHC), out of the Two Hundred and Ninety-One (291) PHCs in the State, have been accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for provision of free services for vulnerable persons under the Basic Health Care Provision Fund. The State has commenced capitation funds to the 161 accredited PHCs across the 17 LGAs for the provision of free healthcare to 42,000 registered vulnerable, physically challenged and indigent persons in the State to cover the cost of providing health service from December 2021. The enrolment process is however sustained. Currently, efforts are geared towards increasing the number of accredited Primary Health Centres to ensure that every Electoral Ward has a Primary Health Centre providing free services for vulnerable persons. Meanwhile, 145,000 vulnerable persons representing 3% of Enugu State population have been registered for healthcare priorities for 2023 under the Universal Health Coverage.

The construction/completion of Secondary Healthcare Facilities was aggressively tackled with Paully General Hospital, Asata and Udi General Hospital already completed including the procurement of furniture and equipment.  Also, the construction of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency standardised type III Primary Healthcare facilities was undertaken by his administration including the recruitment of Medical Officers, Consultants, Resident Doctors, House Officers, and other ancillary staff to address the manpower need of health facilities across the State.

More so in 2020, globally there was an outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which affected the economy of nations. Governor Ugwuanyi administration designated the former Colliery Hospital Enugu as Enugu State Infectious Disease Hospital followed by its redesigning, reconstruction, construction and equipping of new structures in the complex. Equipped the reconstructed Agbani and Udi General hospitals while the renovation of Awgu General Hospital, Umulokpa and Itchi Cottage hospitals have been completed. Reconstructed Enugu-Ezike General hospital, constructed Amenity building at the General Hospital at Ogrute, Enugu Ezike, in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area. Paid for 50 room quarantine facility overtime, provided medical consumables and drugs at the isolation centres as well as provision of ambulance and incident vehicles for emergency operations. Massive and periodic decontamination of public places including hospitals, schools, Government Offices and markets across the State through Enugu State Fire Service. Rehabilitated facilities and provided essential supplies in 34 health facilities across the 17 LGAs, to scale up delivery of linked services and preparedness against community spread of COVID-19 infection by the Enugu State Save One Million Lives (SOML) Programme. Provisided Life Assurance policy for frontline health workers and granting of tax relief to the vulnerable in the state to cushion the adverse economic effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recapitalized the Drug Revolving Scheme (DRF) to ensure well-regulated drug pricing, availability and access to essential drugs. Despite the crippling effects of the pandemic, Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration strived to see to it that the State recovered from the negative impact of the pandemic enhancing COVID-19 vaccination in the State as one of the potent measures for curbing the pandemic following the receipt of COVID-19 vaccines from the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA).

7 (seven) Model Type III Primary Healthcare facilities in Nkanu East, Igbo-Etiti, Igbo-Eze South, Isi-Uzo, Udenu, Ezeagu and Uzo-Uwani LGAs while three (3) additional Model Type III Primary Healthcare Centres are on the verge of completion in Adani, Oduma and Agbogugu in Uzo-Uwani, Aninri and Awgu LGAs respectively. This brings the total number of newly built and equipped Model Type III Primary Healthcare Centres by this administration between 2020 and 2022 to Ten (10). Nsukka, Ibagwa-Ani and Amandim-Olo Health Centres were upgraded to Model Type III Primary Healthcare facility standard which consisted of hospital block(s), separate residences for doctors and nurses.

Cottage hospitals with Isolation Wards were constructed in Awgu, Oji-River, Orba and Enugu Ezike. Constructed and furnished staff residential building and doctor’s quarters at Nsukka Isolation and Treatment Centre. Introduced and sustained payment of allowances and provision of protective materials for over 200 medical and non-medical frontline workers. Sustained

Installation of 100 (One Hundred) units of 200 litres Solar Refrigerators and Freezers at various Health Centres across the State.  

This administration signed an agreement with the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) to pave way for the Federal Agency to take over the state-of-the-art Enugu State Medical Diagnostic Centre and provide comprehensive medical, diagnostic and oncology (cancer) treatment services to the people of Enugu State and beyond.

Funded the rehabilitation of Abor Health Centre, Udi LGA as well as the construction of a Health Centre in Umuabi, Udi LGA through their respective Town Unions.


Thomas Jefferson once said “that agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth”. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has demonstrated wisdom in the various efforts he put in seeing that the agricultural sector of the state economy is booming.  The following are shreds of evidence of his administration’s commitment towards making Agriculture a mainstay in pursuit of diversifying the economy.

In 2015, his administration came up with government rural and agricultural development initiatives by constructing a 15-kilometre Inter-Town Connection (ITC) 2.5MVA Injection Sub-Station at Ezi-Nze, Udi Local Government Area few days after he assumed office. This initiative supplied electricity to communities in Udi, Igbo-Etiti, and Uzo-Uwani Local Government Areas thereby activating businesses in these rural communities as well as powered the Adada Dam Project and the Greater Nsukka Water Scheme. 

Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration saw to the release of counterpart funds for the robust participation of Enugu State in the implementation of the N2 billion Staple Crops Processing Zone (SCPZ) programme by the African Development Bank in conjunction with the Federal Government of Nigeria. This fund was channelled to the revival and expansion of the Adani Irrigation Scheme as well as the construction of feeder roads and other critical infrastructure that will boost agriculture in the State. His adminsitration also resolved all the disputes that threatened the operations of the San Carlos Pineapple farm hosted by communities in Awgu and Udi Local Government Areas.

In 2016, his administration prioritzed Public Private Partnership in developing the agricultural potentials of the State. Thus, aligned agricultural projects & programmes in the state with the Agricultural Transformation Plan of the Federal Government and keyed into the N2 billion Staple Crops Processing Zone (SCPZ) Programme by the African Development Bank in conjunction with the Federal Government, by releasing counterpart funds for the Programme.  

Additionally, his administration procured over 3,912 bags of fertilizer, 78,462kg of improved species of rice seeds, 6,510 litres of herbicides, 4,366 litres of insecticides, 20 tractors that are being hired to farmers at very low rates, other agro-inputs and cultivated 1,530 hectares of rice field. The Enugu State Government acquired 750 hectares of land, 200 of which has been cleared, to be distributed to youths and women for large scale agricultural production. 

His administration also boosted the production and value addition of rice, pineapple and cashew nuts through the Revival and Expansion of Adani Irrigation Scheme, Multi-Million-Dollar Investment in Messrs Enugu San Carlos Farms and the massive construction of feeder roads. The State Government under his administration also completed arrangements to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with some investors who indicated interest to invest in the Agricultural Sector of the State.

Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration equally highly committed to ensuring the sustainable availability of food to the common man in the state in 2017 under the Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Programme (ATASP-1), secured a drawdown of N76.01 million from the African Development Bank to boost rice and cassava production in 3 Local Government Areas of the State, namely, Uzo-Uwani, Udenu and Isi-Uzo. Strongly believed that women are strong agents of transformation, his administration carried out a campaign on Agricultural Transformation home to the grassroots in which huge amount of money was spent on the empowerment and sensitisation of rural women during their 2017 August Meetings.

More so, to achieve a reduction on the acidic nature of the soil in Enugu State, with a view to increasing the yield in various crops, his administration distributed 40,000 bags of agricultural lime to farmers free-of-charges during the flag-off of the dry season farming in the State. 

With support from the World Bank-assisted Commercial Agricultural Development Project (CADP), he provided support to women and youth beneficiaries in Poultry, Aquaculture, Maize, Fruit Tree, Rice and Meat production in which each farmer benefited to the tune of N3.02 million. 

This yielded an outcome of increased productivity in different areas of production, job creation for women and youths, food security and value addition to farm produce.

Similarly, through the support of the World Bank Assisted FADAMA III Project, Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration was able to create a total of 46.88 km of farm access roads in various communities across the State at the cost of N1.211 billion thereby increased the ease with which rural farmers transport their produce from the farms.

Furthermore, with support from FADAMA III and the African Development Bank, (through the Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Programme (ATASP 1) of the Federal Government), his administration embarked on the creation of Pivot Irrigation Systems in 4 communities across different Local Government Areas in the State. All these irrigation systems reached advanced stages of completion. This administration also purchased and distributed 27 units of motorcycles to extension workers at different Local Government areas of the State, resulting in wider coverage by the extension workers. The Obinna Bridge, 16 km irrigation canals and 69 km feeder roads were constructed and land clearing done at Adani as support to Staple Crop Processing Zone of Enugu State. Specifically, 8,219 farmers were equally provided with farm inputs like improved rice seeds, herbicides, insecticides, NPK fertilizer, Urea fertilizer, etc. during the period under review as against I,900 recorded in 2016 fiscal year. 

These have resulted in increased production of staple food, food security and increased crop yields. This administration initiated the process of re-engaging the Songhai Farm which was established to ensure effective and practical training of youths in Agricultural Production and value addition but was moribund for some years now; upgrading it to reach its full potential.

In 2018, in a bid to make sure no family in the Enugu state goes without food on account of poverty or inability to provide for the household, Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration extended the delivery of improved production packages to farmers and fishermen through extension services. His administration also:

  • Established 109 Small Plot Adaptive Technology (SPAT) in farmers’ fields State-wide with improved agricultural technologies;
  • Established 18 Management Training Plots (MTPs) for rice farmers on Line Planting technology, maize and livestock;
  • Conducted training for 20 Farmers’ Field School (FFS) master trainers/facilitators;
  • Established ten out-growers on orange and sweet potatoes;
  • Conducted training/sensitisation for 2,182 farmers on best agronomic practices and processing of orange flesh and sweet potatoes at Awgu, Nkwo-Nike, Orba and Agbani.

In 2019,his administration registered Trademarks for Enugu Brand Rice (Coal City Rice), Enugu Garri, Enugu Cashew, Enugu Palm Oil, Nsukka Pepper, Enugu Okro and Enugu Vegetable.

  •  A Special Purpose Vehicle came as a holding Company to operationalise the “Youth in Agri-Business Programme” aimed at revolutionising Agri-business in the state. This helped to leverage the youthful population for poverty reduction and wealth creation while keying into the Federal Government non-Oil Export Agenda.   
  • The state gained traction in Development Partners supported programmes such as Agricultural Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support (APPEALS) and Value Chain Development Project (VCDP) while getting ready to engage in the Accelerated Agriculture Development Scheme (AADS), Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) and Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS).

In 2020,to ensure food security, Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration holistically improved production in both livestock and crops in the agricultural sector through the following initiatives:

  • The establishment of Efi-Igbo development cluster to make beef more available and affordable in the State was initiated with the construction of the first Efi-Igbo Ranch at Eha-Alumona, Nsukka LGA reaching an advanced stage.
  • Farm inputs (rice seeds, Farro 44 long-grain, improved cassava stems TM 419, fertilizers and pesticides) have been distributed to 2000 farmers across the 17 LGAs of the State to boost dry season farming.
  • Subscribed and paid counterpart contributions for the FGN/IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) Value Chain Development Project (VCPD) for the year 2019/2020. 
  • In an effort to also minimise waste, domesticate rice production, develop the rice value chain and increase the State’s Internally Generated Revenue while providing jobs, this administration created the Enugu rice brand (Coal City Rice).
  • Significant efforts were put in place in mapping out thousands of hectares of arable lands for agricultural purposes and developing frameworks that will support private sector investment. 
  • His administration also used agriculture through the Enugu State Agro-Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support (APPEALS) Project to improve the livelihood and empower over 1,685 youths and women of Enugu State including the physically challenged.

Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration in 2021, improved on food security from 3 (three) main perspectives which include:

  • The Agro Processing Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support Project (APPEALS).
  • AFDB Assisted Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program Phase-1 (ATASP-1)
  • International Fund for Agriculture (IFAD)/FGN Assisted Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP) in Enugu State.

Agro-Processing Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support (APPEALS) Project

  • Under this programme over 1,000 (One Thousand) Farm Groups have indicated interest in the Value Chain Investment Plan (VCIP) for Poultry, Rice and Cassava worth Five Billion Naira (N5, 000,000,000.00).  
  • Mobilization of farmers/formation of Commodity Interest Groups for registration as Cooperative Societies with Enugu State Ministry of Human Capital Development have been done. 
  • Fifty-two (52) beneficiaries in the Poultry Value Chain Investment Plan, and three (3) beneficiaries in Rice Value Chain Investment Plan with a combined worth of Three Hundred and Seventeen Million, One Hundred and Seventy-One Thousand, Five Hundred and Forty-One Naira, sixty kobo (N317,171,541.60) have been fully implemented and disbursed.
  • A total of One Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifteen (1615) beneficiaries have been trained in the Women and Youth Empowerment Programme (WYEP) subcomponent for Business Investment Plan (BIP) in Poultry, Cashew, Rice, Aquaculture, and Cassava.
  • CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) registration is currently being processed for all the trained beneficiaries including eighty-five (85) Persons with Disability and Special Needs (PWDSN).
  • Out of this number, World Bank and State Executive Council approval have been obtained for the empowerment of Two Hundred and Thirty-Two (232) beneficiaries with Four Hundred and Seventy Million, Eight Hundred and Eight Nine Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty-One Naira (N470, 889,751.00) worth of Business Investment Plan (BIP) in the 1st Batch.
  • Business Investment Plan (BIP) is being developed for the remaining One Thousand, Three Hundred and Eighty-Three (1,383) beneficiaries. 
  •  Fifteen (15) Aggregation and Cottage Processing Centers are to be constructed across the 3 senatorial zones of the state.

The AFDB Assisted Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program Phase-1 (ATASP-1) is designed to enhance food security, rural income and employment creation through Agri-business development. This programme is achieving its purpose and also providing ancillary facilities to the host communities as follows:

  • Assisting the marketing of farm produce for Farmers through the construction of rice markets with stores/Aggregation centers at Adani rice market and Isu cassava market of Uzo Uwani and Isi-Uzo LGAs, respectively.
  • The drilling of four (4) boreholes in Ezimo Agu (Urukpa); Agu-Orba; and Obollo Afor in Udenu LGA as well as Adani Community in Uzo-Uwani LGA.
  • Construction of two (2) Health Clinics at Ibenda-Obollo and Asaba in Udenu and Uzo-Uwani LGAs.
  • Construction of Obinna Primary School, Adani in Uzo Uwani LGA; Two (2) Classroom blocks with Headmaster’s Office and toilet at Peoples Primary School Ezimo-Agu in Udenu LGA; Ngenikpa Primary School Amede in Isi Uzo LGA; Agu-Orba Primary School in Udenu LGA.
  • Construction of 2-span Obinna Bridge and 63km gravel-surfaced roads with 6km double surfaced feeder roads at Adani in Uzo Uwani LGA.
  • Construction of concrete lining of 16.45km main canal and 6km concrete lining of first Secondary canal of Adada Rice Farm.
  • Rehabilitation of various Hydraulic Structures at Ada Rice Farm, Adani, Uzo Uwani LGA to increase cultivation and production of rice all year round.

FGN/IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) Value Chain Development Project (VCPD): Recall that this administration subscribed and paid a counterpart contribution of Ninety-One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N91, 500,000.00) for the FGN/IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) Value Chain Development Project (VCPD) for the year 2019/2020. The programme operating in five LGAs of Enugu State has recorded the following achievements:

  • Aninri: One (1) Market Stall (16 stalls with Office) at Okpanku and one (1) Culvert leading to farm clusters at Oduma Achalla Community.
  • Enugu East: one (1) Market Stall (16 stalls with Office) at Ugwogo Nike; one (1) Water Borehole and one (1) Culvert leading to farm clusters at Ogbeke, Nike
  • Isi Uzo: Ten (10) lock-up Stores at Eke Eha-Amufu Rice Market; one (1) Solar-powered Water Borehole at Mbu Cassava Market; and a Mini Bridge at Epeye Farm Road, Amede Eha Amufu.
  • Nkanu East: one (1) Solar Powered Water Borehole at Nkerefi Rice Market and one (1) Culvert at Anaiyi Rice Farm Road
  • Udenu: one (1) Solar-Powered Water Borehole and ten (10) lock-up Stores at Orie Orba Cassava Market; one (1) Ring Culvert constructed at a connecting road to Owerre-Eze Orba Cassava Farms.
  • Trained 520 Youths from the 260 Wards of the State in new techniques and acquisition of skills in agricultural value chain in CSS Global Integrated Farms, Keffi, Niger State.
  • Invested in Basic Agricultural Education to inculcate the culture of farming in the early lives of our younger generation with the provision of irrigated and non-irrigated School crop farms as well as construction/reconstruction of poultry and animal houses for rearing of chicken and animals in Primary and Basic Secondary Schools in selected LGAs of the State.
  • Under the APPEALS Productivity Enhancement, 275 Farmers have been supported with improved inputs and technologies under the Commodity Interest Group with a total sum of One Billion, One Hundred and Seventy-One Million, Seventy-Six Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty-Six Naira, Sixty-Two Kobo (NGN1,171,076,156.62) within the year under review.
  • Under the APPEALS Infrastructural Development,theconstruction of 15 nos. Aggregation/Cottage Processing Centres which are at various level of completion are ongoing in Udenu, Isi-Uzo, Ezeagu, Uzo-Uwani, Aninri, Nkanu-East, Nsukka, Udi, and Enugu South LGAs.
  • Within the year 2022, the IFAD/ENVCDP have Supported 295 rice farmers and 98 cassava farmers with 11,800kg of Faro 44-Rice Seed, 4,900 Cassava bundles, 78,600kg of NPK fertilizer, 29,500kg of UREA, 393 litres of Non-Selective Agro Chemical and 393 litres of Selective Agro Chemical for both wet and dry season farming in the 2022 production cycles.
  • Through IFAD/ENVCDP, this administration has supported rice and cassava processors and producers including Women and Youths with processing and production equipment including ultra-modern rice milling machines, rice haulers, destoners, bag sealers, weighing scales, cassava graters, dewatering press, hammer mills, nutrient-dense equipment, thresher and Winnowers, tricycles, (13Hp) power tillers, Seed Planters, and Water pumps for dry season rice farmers


Under this programme, this administration has:

  • CSDA: on-going construction & renovation of health centers, water borehole and school blocks in 5 (five) intervention LGAs of Udenu, Nsukka, Igbo-Eze South, Ezeagu and Udi.
  • Through FADAMA supplied 10,486 different agricultural inputs comprising of cassava stems, rice seed, pepper seed, fertilizers, liters of herbicides/insecticide to 630 participating farmers across the 5 intervention LGAs of Aninri, Udenu, Ezeagu, Isi Uzo, and Nsukka.
  • Supplied 2,227 agricultural production and processing assets comprising of 1,984 Personal Protective Equipment, 160 Knapsack Sprayers; 3 Mini rice mills, 16 Cassava graters, 35 water pumps, 15 multi-purpose grinders, etc. to 560 farmers in the 5 intervention LGAs of Aninri, Udenu, Ezeagu, Isi Uzo, and Nsukka.
  • Built the capacity of the benefitting farmers on the use of the acquired assets and best agronomic practices, group dynamics, record and basic book-keeping, etc.


Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration greatly doubled its commitment to reforming public expenditure management. It ensured transparency, accountability and efficiency in resource allocation and expenditure control through the full implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA). Thus Enugu State adopting the International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS) in budgeting and accounting process. 

Since inception into office, his administration has seen to it that Enugu state maintains record as the first State to publish the Annual Financial Report every year. It is also on record that Enugu State is among the top five states of the federation with the highest turnover cash even after meeting monthly obligations and the 3rd most debt sustainable state in Nigeria and first in the south east zone.

Similarly in 2016, Enugu was rated the 31st most resilient city in the world according to Rockefeller Foundation and is still the first Nigerian city to make the list of 100 resilient cities. Despite the troubling effects of the global and national recession, this administration ensured that Enugu State increased efforts in carrying out major reforms in the Board of Internal Revenue. This was evident when the State Government sourced for and hired a renowned investment banker as the chairman hence the restructuring, re-engineering and strengthening of the capacity of the Board in order to reposition the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) for improved performance. 

Furthermore, in 2016 the first cargo plane to arrive in the south-eastern part of this country landed in the Akanu-Ibiam International Airport, Enugu and Gov. Ugwuanyi’s led administration hosted both international and local investors at the opening ceremony of the much-anticipated Free Trade zone. This trade zone offered free trade conditions and a liberal regulatory environment with the aim of attracting foreign investors, partners and buyers who will facilitate the entry of industrial goods into the world market thus creating employment opportunities for the teeming population of youths and bringing in foreign exchange. 

Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration ensured a boost in youth development and poverty reduction in the State through small and medium enterprises; mentored and coached over 2500 businesses and entrepreneurs on current strategies of growing businesses. His administration equally facilitated loans for 700 beneficiaries and created thousands of direct and indirect jobs thereby reducing crime rate in the State. 

Additionally in 2017, his regime aggressively pursued the enhancement of the State’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by committing huge resources to a total overhaul of the physical and internal structure of the State Internal Revenue Service. Thus fully digitalizing the state revenue collection and accounting system automated through the e-payment mechanism, and Treasury Single Account (TSA). This wonderful development helped immensely in plugging major avenues of revenue leakage and aggressively exploited other avenues of revenue generation that had been left untapped in the past years without imposing unnecessary burden on the residents of Enugu State. Consequently, this has provided an opportunity for exploring and expanding other sources of revenue during the fiscal year under review which led to the State’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) leaped to an all-time high of N18.41 billion as at September this year; as against N14 billion recorded in the whole of 2016 fiscal year representing a 32% increase

Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration earned some landmark achievements and accolades for Enugu state locally and internationally in the following stance:

  • The 5th most competitive State in Nigeria according to the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria which assessed human capital, infrastructure, economy and institutions. 
  • 1st State in Nigeria to publish its 2016 Audited State Final Account using IPSAS template within 6 months of the 2017 year as prescribed by the law. 
  • 1st in the South-East and 9th in the Country based on Internally Generated Revenue as against Federal Allocation. 
  • Number one in the zone and one of the few States in Nigeria that have successfully implemented the CBN N220 billion Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Programme (MSMEDP), funding over 2000 MSMEs to the tune of N2 billion.

Furthermore, in 2018, this administration invested the State’s resources in the provision of critical infrastructure that would help to deepen development in all the sectors. This includes provision of quality roads in both the urban and rural areas of the State as a way to engender the enabling environment for businesses to thrive; provision of qualitative and affordable education for the benefit of the present and future leaders of the State; stimulation of economic activities in the rural settlements as well as upgrading of some rural areas to urban status to mitigate migration; ensuring a healthy populace; provision of employment to the youths through agriculture; ensuring food security, and the enthronement of a peaceful and serene environment for the people of Enugu State. 

His administration also developed the Enugu State Economic Growth Plan (2019 – 2023) which seeks to grow the economy of the State in a sustainable manner, tackle observed gaps as well as take positive transformation to all the nooks and crannies of the State. The plan which was developed through consultations with communities and other relevant stakeholders to ensure buttom-up approach in programme selection has the following strategic goals:

  1. Poverty reduction/wealth creation
  2. Healthy and productive citizens with right attitude, aptitude and values
  3. Highly educated and technically ready workforce
  4. Youth empowerment/employment
  5. Urban/city renewal
  6. Peace and security
  7. Responsive, inclusive and accountable governance
  8. Fiscal Sustainability and Effective Public Financial Management

Following the laid down economic growth plan, this administration adopted the following strategies and successfully implemented the above goals:

  • Improved urban/rural infrastructure including well-networked roads and public buildings, 
  • Increased Agricultural Productivity through qualitative research, mechanization and value addition, 
  • Made Enugu State an investment destination through the provision of a conducive business environment, 
  • Promoted Early Childhood Education as well as technical and vocational education towards ensuring a well-educated and self-employable citizenry, 
  • Promoted effective Waste Management/Renewable Energy, 
  • Developed a robust Health System with focus on primary healthcare service delivery
  • Promoted Housing development and Urban Planning for bridging housing gap as well as ensuring the maintenance and development of aesthetic cities, 
  • Improved Institutions and Systems for Peace, Security, Good Governance and also maintaining zero tolerance to corruption,
  • Increased investment through PPP for expanding fiscal space and increasing the IGR of the State, etc.

Similarly in 2019, under the Governor Ugwuanyi’s watch, Enugu State moved from its 2014 World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking as 27th out of 37 States (including FCT, Abuja), to an enviable ranking as the 2nd State in Ease of Starting Business and 3rd State in Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria in the 2018 World Bank Ease of Doing Business subnational ranking. Hence, Enugu State was honoured on 3rd April, 2019 by the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council at Abuja. 

Also, in a bid to promote human capital development and continually lift more youths of the State out of poverty as well as improve productivity towards overall socio-economic development of the State, in collaboration with African Film Academy, Word TV, Glojef Events and Crafts Ltd and Mewar University, India; this administration trained over 600 youths in the areas of video editing, movie production, scriptwriting, acting as well as Solar Panel technology, CCTV and Inverter Installations and other handmade crafts.

Under Gov. Ugwuanyi’s watch in 2020, the state government supported the redevelopment of Akanu Ibiam International Airport in the following ways:

  • The Akanu Ibiam International Airport which was shut down on August 24th, 2019 due to urgent safety and infrastructural concerns was opened on 30th August 2020.  The State Government in addressing some of the urgent safety needs of the airport completed the removal of all encroachment on the airport facility, removed and relocated the 120-meter tall Enugu State Broadcasting Service TV/Radio Mast and Transmission Station and constructed a new ESBS Transmission Station at Okpatu, Udi LGA; relocated the Orie Emene market and commenced the construction a 1.3km asphalt road to the Very High Frequency Omni Directional Radio Range/Distance Measuring Equipment (VOR/DME) navigation facility at Emene. 
  • Enugu State Government also provided finance for the upgrade and refurbishment of existing toilet facility in the Airport’s Terminal Building, amongst others. The repositioned airport has therefore attracted more Airlines and will hopefully attract cargo operations to give South East Nigeria a window to the world and boost economic activities in the entire Zone.

In the same vein, under Gov. Ugwuanyi’s watch, human capital development, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises were boosted by:

  • Deepening youth creativity and innovation in technology through the construction and equipping of 2 (two) new Tech Hubs / Youth Innovation Centres in Enugu and Obollo Afor which are on the verge of completion.
  • In partnership with the Bank of Industry, Central Bank of Nigeria, VFD Micro-Finance Bank, Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL), other Development Finance Agencies, direct State Government initiatives, loan programs providing access to over N3,000,000,000.00 (Three Billion Naira) were created to meet the funding requirements of Micro Enterprises, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the State. 
  • The Enugu SME Centre, in partnership with the Federal Government provided over six thousand (6,000) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the State with Free Business Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Survival Fund Programme in the year 2020.
  • The state SME centre facilitated the payment of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) only, for three (3) months for over thirteen thousand (13,000) employees of registered SMEs in the State.
  • The Enugu SME Centre partnered with Jobberman Nigeria to act as an outsourcing partner and has built the Enugu Jobs Portal where state residents can sign up and receive employability and technical training. Employers joined the portal, posting jobs and Jobberman provided Employability and Technical training to get the job seeker ready for the job market. The program provided career fairs to be conducted regularly across the state and engage multiple stakeholders to guarantee placements for youth using the platform.

Also, this administration got youths to key into the job creation programmes that the Enugu SME Centre has created under the Enugu SME Human Capital Development zero interest Loan Programme.  Some of these programmes include:

  • Enugu Youth Employment Scheme (e-YES) – A programme designed to train thousands of Enugu youths on digital marketing and high-income skills to enable them to thrive in today’s digital-first world, become innovative entrepreneurs and strategic valuable assets to Enugu State and the international community at large. 
  • Enugu Auto Revamp Innovation Job Scheme – training over one thousand Enugu youths in auto body-work capacities in partnership with Auto Ease Ltd.
  • Enugu Talent City – Enugu Tech – A partnership with Utiva to incubate 5,000 young talents in programming, product design and animation as well as data analytics for the global technology market.
  • Enugu Wifi Program – a job creation scheme for Enugu youths to earn income through internet data reselling.

His administration continued to bring up initiatives that will improve economic development in the state. These initiatives include:

  • The Enugu SME Hackathon Series: A quarterly hackathon series that focuses on solutions to address the changes in our ways of life and businesses as a result of Covid-19. With this initiative, we are seeking young individuals to come up with ideas, innovation, products and services that can make an impact in society.
  • Enugu Skills Acquisition Masterclass (ESAM)- ESAM is a monthly series undertaken by the agency to help empower business owners, job seekers and entrepreneurs with the requisite skills needed to run their business more efficiently or empower themselves to seek other revenue generating opportunities. We have both online and offline series. Since this programme commenced in January 2020, over fifteen thousand (15,000) participants have benefited.
  • Up-Skill Her Initiative: The Initiative is a digital skills training for women aged 20-35 in Web Design, Digital Marketing and Graphics Design. Since its inception, over two thousand (2,000) budding entrepreneurs, underemployed and unemployed women have gained digital skills in marketing, web design and graphics design. This program has created new job and wealth opportunities for these women.

Starting the year 2021 on a note of recovery as national and subnational governments embarked on strategic economic engineering, through innovative economic policies, to reflate the Covid-beaten economy of the previous year. Enugu state under Gov. Ugwuanyi was open for economic activities as the vaccination of the good people of Enugu state against the Covid-19 through the support of National Primary Health Care Development Agency and her Partners was intensified. His administration embarked on deliberate measures to bring succour to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, thus engaged the state fully in the preparatory activities for the Nigeria Covid-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG-CARES) Program for Results, an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria supported by World Bank to mitigate the economic disruption occasioned by the Covid-19 Pandemic by protecting the livelihoods and food security of the poor and vulnerable families while facilitating the recovery of local economic activities in all the participating States.

Surely, Gov. Ugwuanyi understood that the economy cannot recover fully from previous economic disruptions without investment in human capital development and support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. These investments and support have been happening in the following ways:

  •  Keyed into Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS) to support the Federal Government’s efforts and policy measures for the promotion of agricultural businesses and Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as vehicles for sustainable economic development and employment generation. 
  • Have through the Enugu SME Centre, sustained intervention trust that have facilitated easier access to resources required by entrepreneurs in the SME bracket and other players in the ecosystem to achieve business sustainability in the State. To achieve this, the Agency focuses on the following broad interventions:
  • Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Formalization Grant for Enugu Entrepreneurs,
  • Human Capital Development and Job Creation Schemes.
  • Access to Capital,
  • Capacity Development Programs,
  • Access to Grants and Business Support Services.


Arguably, the most consequential achievement of this administrations in economic terms, in the year 2022 is the listing of Enugu State amongst the oil-producing States by the Federal Government acting through the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission. The economic import of this development is that Enugu State becomes entitled to an equitable share of 13% of oil revenue under the 13% derivation principle as enshrined in section 162, sub-section 2 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended.  The huge economic benefits will soon kick in and is simply a game changer.


Before the inception of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as the governor of Enugu state, the problem of inadequate water supply, particularly in Enugu urban cities has remained an ailing problem, and has posed a serious concern to the good people of Enugu and the government over the years. Upon assumption of office, his administration has made efforts towards addressing this challenge to ensure the availability of safe drinking water to people in the rural and urban areas. The following are recorded achievements of the State government to ensure access to portable water for the good people of Enugu state:

In 2015, the government embarked on and completed the construction of 20No. Indian Mark Shallow boreholes in the following rural communities:

  • Orjiagu Agbani,
  • Health Centre Agbani,
  • Obeagu Eziokwe Amurri,
  • Onuakpaka Village Centre, Ogonogo Eji Ndiagu-Akpugo,
  • Amafor Village Square, Agbani
  • Onuobodo Nduno Obuno Akpugo,
  • Amodu Awkunanaw,
  • Community Primary School, Obe,
  • Amankasi Eziokwe-Amurri,
  • Nkwo-Market, Agbani,
  • Umueze Awkunanaw,
  • Ngene Orie Ogirishi,
  • Ugwuafor Health Centre,
  • Wesley Primary School, Methodist Church Agbani,
  • Agbaede Ndiuno Akpugo,
  • Mbogodo,
  • Umuedum Village Hall, Amankanu Amurri,
  • Ogirishi Obinagu Uwani Akpugo, all in Nkanu West Local Government Area,
  • Construction of solar-powered boreholes in Ukana,Uboji Ngwo,
  • Amankwo Ngwo, Premier Primary School, Udi in Udi Local Government Area,
  • Rehabilitation of water boreholes at Ogonogo-Eji Ndiuno-Akpugo and Ndiuno-Akpugo, Nkanu West Local Government.

Gov. Ugwuanyi in 2016,committed huge resources to the provision of adequate and safe clean water to citizens in the urban and rural communities, thus ensured proper distribution of water with the following projects:

  • 250 meters of pipeline extension at Elim Plaza Ebeano Tunnel/Estate.
  • 100m diameter pipeline extension of 450 meters distance at Edozie street independence layout Enugu.
  • Pipe line extension to a distance of about 3 kilometers of 100-150mm diameter pipes at Golf Estate, G.R.A, Enugu.
  • Pipeline Extension of 100m pipes to a distance of about 300 kilometers at Ilo-Ogu Street/close.
  • Relocation of 100mm diameter pipeline of 300meters distance at Nsude-Ameke 9th Mile By-Pass.
  • Relocation of 200mm diameter pipeline distance at New Haven Extension by Bontus Filling Station. 
  • Relocation of existing pipelines up to a distance of 1.8 kilometers MSP/Legislative Quarters at Nkpokiti Road.
  • Relocation of 300mm diameters high pressure pipeline to a distance of about 250 meters near State House of Assembly Complex, Independence layout Enugu.
  • Replacement of existing 100mm diameter Asbestos (AC) pipeline with 100mm diameter PVC (Plastic Pipes) of 250 meters distance at constitution road G.R.A Enugu.

With Gov. Ugwuanyi’s led government effort, over USD 100,000 for small-town water provided by Water Aid has continued to sustain water projects at Udenu, Igboeze North, Igboeze South, Nsukka and Nkanu East Local Government Areas of the State thereby reduced the spread of water-borne infections and diseases to the barest minimum.

His administration in 2017, rehabilitated the Oji Augmentation Water Station and its equipment; providing needed spare parts and replacement of damaged mechanical and electrical equipment at the water supply facilities at Oji and Ajalli. His administration approved the rehabilitation of Enugu and Nsukka Water Schemes.

To tackle water scarcity issue in the 2019 fiscal year, this administration undertook:

  • The construction of 24 JICA boreholes in different communities in the State, rehabilitated water pumps and repaired electrical fittings at Ajalli Water Works as well as Water Pumps at the Oji Augmentation Water Scheme including the Obinofia and Umudim Booster Stations. 
  • Water pipelines were extended to new neighbourhoods while burst pipelines were repaired in Enugu Metropolis. Additionally, many boreholes were rehabilitated across the State. These interventions were intended as a stop-gap measures before the French Development Agency supported Fifty Million Dollar 3rd National Urban Water Sector Reform Project for Enugu State fully comes on stream.

With the vision of supplying Enugu citizens with water, the Enugu State Government under the leadership of Gov. Ugwuanyi signed a Fifty Million Dollar ($50,000) Subsidiary Loan Agreement (SLA) with the Federal Ministry of Finance in respect of AFD-funded 3rd National Urban Water Sector Reform Project (3rd NUWSRP) in December 2018. This project developed the water supply infrastructure in the capital city (Enugu) in order to supply more people/households and improve the water supply service to the people of Enugu as well as improve the financial viability and performance of Enugu State Water Corporation. 

This project has 5-year life span (2018 – 2023) and the deliverables included the:

  • Rehabilitation of Ajali and Oji River Waterworks. And installation of a dedicated power line for Ajali.
  • Upgrading of the water transmission system by installation of a second pipeline (12.8km long and 700mm diameter).
  • Replacement of about 240km of asbestos cement pipelines. 
  • Expansion of the secondary network of 60km 
  • Replacement of 16,000 existing connections with new piping and metering.
  • To supply about 40,000 new domestic connections.
  • Equipping of central maintenance workshop to provide Enugu State Water Corporation with the resources for sustainability of the operation of the water system
  • Technical Assistance to the Enugu Stater Water Corporation to improve Revenue, operation, maintenance, financial management and cost control.

Project timelines:

  • 2018 – preparatory activities.
  • 2019 – mid 2022 – implementation of the works.

Project Implementation Status:

  • Subsidiary Loan Agreement (SLA) signed in 2018
  • All conditions precedent for the 1st draw are fulfilled.
  • Enugu State Government paid a marching counterpart fund of N151million naira for 2020 fiscal year.
  • First drawdown request of three million Euros granted by French Development Agency (AFD) to finance some project activities whose procurement processes have been completed. These projects include:
  • Project Management Support Consultancy contract whose agreement was signed on 4th March 2020
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) consultancy contract was ready for signing but delayed by Covid-19 pandemic.  A new date for it is being arranged while the contract implementation will commence in December 2020
  • Financial Model and new tariff structure have been concluded
  • Procurement of detailed Engineering Design of the proposed digital Enugu State Water Supply Infrastructure, Organisational Technical Assistance (OTA), and Institutional Technical Assistance to Enugu State Water Corporation are at various stages in the process for AFD Final No. Objection.
  • 2nd Quarter of 2021, construction Works (physical activities) will commence. 
  • By 3rd Quarter of 2021, Enugu State residents in the metropolis will start having the impact of the AFD project in terms of water supply improvement.
  • By 2022 – 2023 a complete Water Supply Infrastructure with metering and sustainable water supply in the State for a population of about one million people will be in place.
  • From 2025, revenue improvement with full operation and maintenance cost will be recovered and Enugu State Water Corporation will start experiencing revenue reliability and return on investment (ROI).

Water Supply Palliative Measure 

Gov. Ugwuanyi’s led government concluded the procurement process for the rehabilitation of the 9th Mile Crash borehole programme powered by Solar technology and construction works almost completed. This Water supply infrastructure has an installed capacity of twenty-eight thousand (28,000) Cubic meters of water per day and its operationalization will positively impact Water supply to Enugu city. This was planned as a stop-gap measure to mitigate the water supply problem in the State before the AFD-funded 3rd National Urban Water Sector Reform Project (3rd NUWSRP) comes fully on stream.

Adada Water Scheme

The State government initiated and in no distant time completed the design for Adada Water Scheme to provide round-the-clock water to Nsukka and its environs. 

Partnership for Expanded Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (PEWASH)

This administration keyed into the Partnership for Expanded Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (PEWASH), a World Bank-supported project to reduce the problem of water scarcity in rural areas and consequently combat water-borne diseases. Besides the direct investments, through the passage of Enugu State Water Sector Law as well as the development of other policy documents, the state provided all the necessary framework to attract private sector investment and donor support in improving Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene in Enugu State. Within the year under review, the state constructed and rehabilitated over twenty (20) boreholes across the State.

In 2021, Enugu Metropolis witnessed improvements in water supply as a result of Gov. Ugwuanyi’s consistent capital investments in water sector which includes:

  • Emergency rehabilitation of faulty Pumps at Oji Main, Obinofia & Umudim Booster Stations that has improved water Supply from about 5,000m3/day to over 15,000m3/day for Oji Water Augmentation Scheme.
  • Emergency rehabilitation of Low Lift and High lift Pumps at the Ajalli Water Scheme that has improved water production from 10,000m3/day to about 30,000m3/day.
  • Extension of new water supply pipelines to 2nd Avenue, Independence Layout; Fidelity Estate; Prison Staff Quarters Off Kingsway Road; GRA; Mbanefo Street, New Haven; Ogui; Trans Ekulu; Abakpa; Emene etc.
  • Rehabilitation of 500,000 Liters Ground Tank, 40,000 Liters Overhead Tank as well as installation of new Booster Pumps, control panel, etc. at Trans Ekulu Booster Station.
  •  The State Executive Council has also approved the procurement and installation of two (2) new Vertical Turbine Submersible Pumps at Oji Main as a quick win while we await the procurement of the works component of the AFD-funded 3rd National Urban Water Sector Reform Project. 

9th Mile Crash Borehole Programme

  • Rehabilitation of the boreholes at 9th Mile crash Borehole programme which were abandoned for over thirty years which produces over 10,000,000Litres (10,000 cubic meters) of water per day into our daily water supply to Enugu metropolis.
  • Made over eight (8) Water Boreholes with combined production capacity in excess of 12,000m3/day (in 20hrs) functional. 
  • Powered over eight (8) Water Boreholes, entirely with solar energy.

Improvements in Water Supply in Nsukka

The following were done during the year under review:

  • Five (5) Water Boreholes were rehabilitated including the installation of new Submersible Pumps, New Riser Pipes, Panels and a new Booster Pump. This has increased the number of boreholes operational in Nsukka Water Scheme from one (1) to six (6).         
  • Completed water supply pipelines extension works to the following streets and Communities in Nsukka Urban: Umudiaka Nru; Ezama Nru; Uwani Nkpuru Ikere; Ndiagu Umuoyo Nru; Achalla Road; Ikpa Market Road; Obollo Road;   Amb. Justina Eze Street; St. Theresa/New Anglican Road; Oloto Street; Chinedu Ugwu Street; and Orba Road/Amukwa Junction.

Rural and Small-Town Water Sanitation

This administration has continued deliberate efforts to provide water in the rural communities. Thus, within the period under review, the following have been achieved in this regard:

  • Enumeration for comprehensive data on location and status of all Water Boreholes in the State is ongoing to provide the needed data to guide government interventions. To date, 6 (Six) LGAs including Enugu East, Enugu South, Enugu North, Isi Uzo, Udenu, and Aninri have been covered.
  • Rehabilitation of two (2) non-functional water schemes at Isiokwe Akama, Oghe and Imilike-Enu in Ezeagu and Udenu Local Government Areas, respectively.
  • Constructed one (1) motorized and seven (7) Solar-powered water boreholes in the following locations:
  • Two Water Borehole projects, located at Eke Ozzi Market, Ogurute, Enugu Ezike in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area.
  • One (1) Water Borehole in Ezinese Community Square, Agbaja Umumba Ndiuno in Ezeagu LGA. 
  • One (1) Water Borehole in Nkwo Ibeagwa Aka Market, Igbo-Eze South LGA,
  • One (1) Water Borehole at Orie Orba Market, Udenu LGA.
  • One (1) Water Borehole in Ogige Market, Nsukka, Nsukka LGA. 
  • Two (2) Water Borehole facilities at Nsukka High Court and Magistrate Court.
  • Procured and installed new pumps at Oji Water Scheme this has resulted in the production of 30,000,000Litres (30,000cubic meters) of water per day to Enugu Metropolis.
  • Selected Contractor for the award of the contract for the complete rehabilitation of Oji Water Scheme under the French Development Agency (AFD) support for the Third National Urban Water Sector Reform Project (3rd NUWSRP)
  • Commenced the AFD re-organization programme for the water sector of Enugu State under the Institutional and Organizational Technical Assistance (ITA & OTA) programmes including the CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME FOR THE WATER CORPORATION.
  • Completed the rehabilitation of Boreholes at Nsukka has increased water supply by over 10,000,000Litres (10,000 cubic metres) of water daily.
  • Completed the pipeline network extension works to Justina Eze Street, Oloto Street, Techtonics Road, Umudiaka Community, Umuoyo Community, Amukwa Community, Ezema Nru Road, Mkpuruikwere Community, St. Theresa’s Road, Chinedu Ugwu Street, Eziama/Edem Community.
  • Rehabilitated 2 Nos. boreholes at Lejja (Ejuona and Akaibite Communities) in Nsukka LGA.
  • Constructed 2 Nos. Solar – Powered RSI Inverter Borehole at Obollo-Afor, Udenu LGA.
  • Provided Commercial Capacity Borehole at Mary Agro Farms Udi, Udi LGA.


To ensure continued security in the State and boost economic activities, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwaunayi has from inception into office in 2015, installed 2,800 Nos. single-arm and 2,000 Nos. double arm street lights within Enugu and Nsukka Urban Centres. 

His administration also donated 20 Nos. security vans to the security agencies in the state as part of its efforts to sustain its policy of providing the agencies with the tools to combat crimes. It is on record that Enugu State has maintained the lowest level of crime rate in the country for over a number of years and is, therefore, the safest State in Nigeria.

In 2016, the state maintained this enviable height through the empowerment of security agencies by the provision of vehicles and equipment as well as other necessary logistics. To boost security and nightlife in the State even further installed 47 Nos. Street light poles within Enugu and Nsukka Urban Centres. This administration also embarked on the registration and reconstitution of 53 Neighbourhood watch groups and associations to complement the efforts of the security agencies, especially in the rural communities.

Similarly in the same year, this administration committed to ensuring that justice is entrenched and therefore accomplished many significant gains in the Justice sector. Foremost amongst them was the development and passing of over 10 laws. Notably, the Child Rights Law, Enugu Investment Development Authority Law and the Land Use Charge Law and many other Bills including the Administration of Criminal Justice were passed.

The present administration for the first time since the return of democracy in 1991 exercised its powers of prerogative of mercy by granting two (2) prisoners’ pardon for sentences in murder and manslaughter respectively, and reducing sentences of Five (5) inmates sentenced to death to life imprisonment sentence. Furthermore, the State also embarked on ensuring that justice was given to awaiting trial inmates of the Enugu State Prisons, and a total number of three hundred and sixty nine (369) persons were granted bail and others released unconditionally.

In 2017, this administration committed huge resources to the strengthening of the State Fire Service through the maintenance and servicing of firefighting trucks/vehicles and the Purchase of other firefighting equipment, including some breathing apparatus, helmets and booths for the Fire Service Stations at Enugu and Nsukka. 

The sum of N100 million was also spent on the purchase and distribution of security equipment to Neighbourhood Watch groups in the State to empower them for better service.

To ease the job of the Police Officers in the State, the State Government embarked on the Procurement/Installation of 45 Units of Lumos Solar Lighting Systems in 45 Police Stations in Enugu State. This provided 12 hours light daily to these stations. This administration also embarked on the fencing of the front of Ogbete Main Market and New Market, Enugu to provide ease of management of the markets and security of lives and properties.

Gov. Ugwuanyi led government in a bid to curb the challenges of urbanisation, climate change and its effects, took proactive steps to restructure and re-engineer Enugu State Emergency Management Agency, with a competent Management in place to drive the process of evolving strategies for managing disaster in the State. Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMC) were inaugurated in all the 17 Local Government Areas of the State to ensure prompt response to all forms of contingencies that might arise in any part of the State at any time.

The capacity of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) was also strengthened through capacity building, in collaboration with some stakeholders, including International Donor Agencies. Also, the state government provided maintenance/servicing to fire service trucks/vehicles and purchased firefighting equipment.

In the wake of spikes of insecurity in 2019, Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration rejigged state security architecture to bring it up to speed with emerging dimensions of insecurity and criminality. To this end, this administration:

  • Procured 100 units of Innoson, 5-seater, double cabin, 4-wheel drive, 2.7-litre petrol engine pickup trucks fitted with a siren system and mobile Radio Communication Gadgets.   
  • Procured 260 units of Bajaj boxer 100cc motorcycle, 300 units of bicycle to support security patrols at different levels and automated drone solution for surveillance.
  • Introduced the Enugu Forest Guards (a national Novelty); vetted, hired and trained 1,700 Forest Guards, through Enugu State Command of the Department of State Services. 

In 2020, the state government led by Gov. Ugwuanyi constructed MOPOL 76 Police Mobile Force Squadron Facility for the Nigeria Police Force, along Ugwugo-Nike/Opi/Nsukka road, by Ekwegbe in Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area.

  • Renovated and furnished a befitting office complex for the newly created Force CID Annex for the South-East geo-political zone located at the Command’s Detective College, Enugu. 
  • Built the Police Area Command Headquarters, Orba.
  • Paid salaries of the Forest Guard Security outfit and Neighbourhood Watch Groups as as when due. This administration also instituted the Enugu State Security Trust Fund to provide adequate resources for the maintenance of security of lives and property of the residents in Enugu State.

Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration in 2021 remained relatively peaceful and the issue of security has remained top on the agenda of our Administration. 

  • The State government reconstructed some security facilities that were torched in the thick of the recent security crisis.
  • The State government continued to support the Security Agencies in the State with operational vehicles, communication gadgets, trainings etc.
  • This administration’s initiatives on security were guided by the resolutions of the South East Governors’ Forum and Advisories of well-meaning Nigerians on security matters.
  • The State deepened the collaboration between the Federal Security Agencies in the State and our State’s security outfits – Forest Guards and Neighbourhood Watch groups – especially in intelligence sharing for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in security operations.
  • The government continued to support the State’s Forest Guards (Security outfit) through regular payment of salaries, training and supply of necessary equipment.
  • The State completed additional works in the premises of MOPOL 76 Police Mobile Force Squadron, Nigeria Police Force, Ekwegbe, Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area to provide Commander’s House, 2km Perimeter Fence, Parade Ground, Sickbay and other facilities and ensured commencement of operations.
  • The State government showed continuous support and collaborate with all Security Agencies operating in Enugu State to protect the lives and property of all residents in the State.

By year 2022, this administration completed:

  • The provision of facilities at the Mopol 79 Squadron Ekwegbe, Igbo Etiti LGA the construction of the Commander’s House, Deputy Commander’s House, 2km Perimeter Fence, Parade Ground, Sickbay with basic furnishing, canteen, access roads, Quarter Guard and car parks; Borehole and water reticulation; supply and installation of external electrical engineering services infrastructure, installation of all-in-one 80 watts Solar Street lighting. The Squadron has been operationalized and is helping to curb violent crimes and enhance the security of lives and properties in the State.
  • The Nigerian Army 82 Division Headquarters with the help of the State government has set up a Military Base at Eha Amufu, Isi Uzo LGA and Akpawfu, Nkanu East LGA.
  • To beef up internal security duties in Nkanu East and Nkanu West, Enugu South and Isi-Uzo LGAs deployed 20 (Twenty) nos. of high-performance Motorcycles for the use by the Military.
  • Continued to provide modern communication equipment and required logistics for the maintenance of vehicles for the efficient functioning of the Nigerian Police, Enugu State Command and other Security Agencies.

It is obvious that one cannot enlist all the programmes and projects of Governor Ugwuanyi led administration in one swoop. However, with the abovementioned conceived and completed people-oriented projects and programmes of Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration in the last seven years plus, it is obvious and not doubtful that his government has positively touched and impacted on the lives of Ndi Enugu.

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